Utensil Washers

Utensil Washers Ireland

ILS Engineering are proud suppliers for JEROS Utensil Washers In Ireland. JEROS is a modern, solution-orientated manufacturing company with a high degree of flexibility, thus being well-prepared for future demands in the production of qualitative and functional solutions.

JEROS has over 50 year’s of experience and know-how in manufacturing the following:

  • Dish Washers
  • Utensil Washers
  • Crate Washers
  • Tunnel Machines
  • Tray cleaners

within the food industry, as well as the retail branches including; bakeries, confectioners, butchers, hotel- & restaurant, fast food, industrial kitchens etc.


Utensil Washers

JEROS-Utensil Washers have a specially designed lid which opens fully to allow easy operation and loading without causing back strain to operators. Special JEROS features also provide easy installation of the machines. Even more in the smallest production areas. JEROS machines can be used as a sink when not in use as an automatic.

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Crate Washers

JEROS Crate Washer Models are specially developed and designed for small and medium sized companies and is specifically suitable for all Euro crates and comparable products. Also manufactured with stainless steel. Furthermore all these pumps and heating elements are too protected against drying out by means of a low water level security system.

Even more recycled water is filtered by an easily removable filter system, while wash water is also electrically heated and pumped by a stainless steel circulation pump to the jet spray nozzles, In the rinse section: Crates are rinsed with fresh water. Rinse water replaces water in main wash tank. Finally surplus water and surface pollution are drained by an overflow.

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Tray Cleaners

The driving rollers are precisely adjusted for a certain tray thickness to ensure a smooth flow of the trays through the machine. Most noteworthy rollers are of the largest possible diameter to avoid deforming the trays. Pre scraper also loosens heavily burnt deposits on the trays helping to prolong the life of the brushes and reduces the need for cleaning the machine.

2 safety switches provide excellent operator safety.

Auto oiling
Oiling mechanism comprises of a removable oil tray and rubber feed roller which transfers oil onto the tray in a uniform an consistent manner, oiling mechanism has an on/off handle and the quantity of oil deposited can be easily adjusted by the operator. The trays can be washed in a JEROS utensil washer.

Rapid pay back
Above all JEROS tray cleaner is also very labour saving. It cleans and greases 100 trays in 6-8 minutes, also labour time saved should be utilized for more profitable purposes.


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