• Bag Filtration – Donaldson’ uniquely designed and patented  ‘dura-life media’ is utilized in a number of oleophobic and  deliquescent applications.
  • Cartridge Filtration – Donaldson’ uniquely designed  patented ‘ultra-web media’ that embraces Nano-fibre  technology for extended service intervals.
  • Valve Replacement – Replacement of OEM valves to ensure  efficient running of the equipment.
  • Differential Pressure Monitors – Extend media change  intervals and increase energy efficiency with correct  DP sensors.
  • Atex Compliance – Ensure correct conformance and  compliance with existing regulations.
  • Energy Audits – Minimize wastage through data logging and  leak detection.
  • Maintenance schedules – ILS can provide bespoke  scheduled maintenance to suit your company’s running  conditions.
  • Genuine spare parts – Utilizing the right parts for the correct  application. ILS guarantee quality first, quality always.
  • Maintenance schedules – We can tailor maintenance  schedules to suit your needs
  • System Design – Bespoke systems to your specification
  • System Instillation – Full systems instillations

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