• Oil-Free compressors – Our service covers complex oil-free  systems that are manufactured by leading brands such as  Atlas-Copco, utilizing all of our conditioning monitoring  practices and extensive experience and knowledge.
  • Lubricated compressors – Varying demands on these  lubricated compressors requires bespoke schedules that we  can cater for.
  • Compressed air filtration – Correct filtration is the essence  of all compressor systems, varying in complexity that require  specific attention and maintenance schedules.
  • Condensate management – Conform to ISO-14001  Environmental Certification.
  • Refrigerant dryers – ISO 8573 Class 4 Dew point  requirement of -3c - +7c
  • Desiccant Driers – ISO 8573 Class 1 Dew point up to -70c
  • Energy Audits – Minimize wastage through data logging and  leak detection.
  • Maintenance schedules – ILS can provide bespoke  scheduled maintenance to suit your company’s running  conditions.
  • Genuine spare parts – Utilizing the right parts for the correct  application. ILS guarantee quality first, quality always.
  • System Design – Bespoke systems to your specification.
  • System Instillation – Pipework configurations developed for  all airline systems.
  • Complete Overhauls – At the scheduled time, overhauls on  Oil-free and lubricated systems can be carried out on-site or  in our workshop facility.

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