Specialised Lubrication

MainLube – Extreme Lubricants for Overdriven Machinery

First of all A higher quality lubricant in the correct application always reduces downtime. It is always more cost effective to use wear particle analysis to determine the present condition of important machinery, rather than waiting for a breakdown.


Mainlube 110

Food and Pharmaceutical Lubricant. High purity, long life lubricant designed for compressors, gearboxes, hydraulics, and chains, etc. 110 Is AQIS Type A1 (Australia), MAF C15 (NZ) and USDA H1 (USA) approved for specialised applications where incidental food contact could occur. Available in SAE 10, 20, 30, 90, & 140 or ISO 32, 68, 100, 220 & 460. (Sae 90 Available in Aerosol).

Mainlube 115

Compressor and Hydraulic Lubricant. Water resistant, pure mineral oil specifically formulated to handle extreme pressure and high temperatures as a result. Suitable for airlines, hydraulics, compressors, vacuum pumps, gears, wick feed, and oil can type lubrication in all applications. Available in SAE 10, 20, 30, 40, 90 & 140 or ISO 32, 68, 100, 150, 220 & 460

Mainlube 135

Penetrating Lubricant. Rapidly releases seizure and therefore prevents further corrosion. 135 is an effective multi purpose work-shop tool. Also available in Bulk and Aerosol as 435.

Mainlube 145

Synthetic Hi-Temperature Chain Lubricant. Water resistant non fling formulation. Penetrates and prevents corrosion. Operating Temperature Range – 30°C to 240° C. Available in SAE 90 or ISO 220. Bulk as 145 and Aerosol as 445.

Mainlube 150

E.P. Gear Lubricant. Water, foam and corrosion resistant formulation. Advanced additive package extends oil changes and is compatible with copper and brass. Mainlube 150 meets and exceeds API GL-4, GL-5, GL-6, MT-1, Mack GO-J, GO-H, Eaton PS-037 specifications. Available in SAE 80w90, 90, 85w140, 140 & 250 or ISO 150, 220, 320, 460 & 1000

Mainlube 151

E.P. Synthetic Limited Slip Gear Lubricant. Synthetic polyalphaolefin base gear oil combined with advanced additive package provides a water, foam and corrosion resistant long lived gear lubricant. Mainlube 151 exceeds the specs of API GL-5, Mack GO-H & GO-J, Mil-L-2105D MT1 or Multi Purpose EP. Available in SAE 75w90, 75w140, 140 or ISO 150, 200, 460.

Mainlube 154

Extreme Duty Solid Boundary E P Gear Lubricant. Advanced High Temperature Load Stable Organic Solid Boundary Additives are blended with Synthetic Polyalphaolefin base fluid. Mainlube 154 provides a Long-Life Extreme Loading Water, Foam and Corrosion resistant Gear Lubricant. Available in SAE 140 or ISO 460.


Mainlube 335

Synthetic Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease. New generation Polyurea thickened grease, protected by passive E.P. solids contains no metals or chemical E.P, water resistant. 65lb Timken OK Load. Operating Temperature Range – 20°C to 300°C. Meets and exceeds NLGI GC-LB spec (GC-Wheel Bearing) (LB-Chassis). NLGI #2. Available as Bulk, Cartridge & Aerosol.

Mainlube 340

Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease. New technology calcium sulfonate grease with excellent water and corrosion resistance. Protected by passive E.P. solids, contains no metals or chemical E.P. 65lb Timken OK Load. Non Toxic USDA “H2” Rating. Operating Temperature Range – 25°C to 300°C. Meets and exceeds NLGI GC-LB (GC-Wheel Bearing) (LB-Chassis) NLGI #2 NLGI #00. Available as Bulk, Cartridge & Aerosol.

Mainlube 355

Heavy Duty Chain, Wire Rope Grease. Resists salt water corrosion, water, mud, dust, and dirt. Slowly evaporating carrier leaves a tough wear resistant protective coating. Operating Temp Range – 15°C to 150°C. NLGI #1. Available in Bulk & also Aerosol.

Mainlube 365

Heavy Duty Water Resistant Open Grease. Water and corrosion resistant with excellent shock loading and boundary lubrication capabilities. Evaporative carrier leaves a tough wear resistant protective coating. Operating Temp Range – 15°C to 150°C NLGI # 3.5. Available as Bulk or 300 gm Chalk Tube and Aerosol as 465.

Mainlube 375

Food Grade Synthetic Multi Application Heavy Duty Grease. New Technology calcium sulfonate grease, withstands severe water washout, steam, acids and corrosion. 375 is NSF H1, AQIS Type A1 9(Australia) MAF C15 (NZ) approved. Protected by passive E.P solids, contains no metals or chemical E.P. Overbased Calcium Sulfonates are unmatched by all other greases as a result. Group IV Base Oil, operating Temperature range -20c to 320c. Available in NLGI # 000, 00, 0, 1, 2.

Mainlube 380

Above all No Seize. Non toxic thread lubricant and sealant. Water, alkali and acid resistant extreme temperature metal preserving fluid. Operating Temperature Range – 140°C To 1100°C. Available in Bulk, Brush Pack, Cartridge and Aerosol.


Mainlube 245

Flushing Agent. Will neutralise acids and dissolve gums and varnish, breaks down glycol residues and holds in suspension in old oil ready for immediate draining. therefore can be applied to Gearboxes, Compressors, Transmissions and Hydraulics . Add to machine when hot and operate for 10-20 minutes then drain. Available in SAE 20. Application Ratio: 10% to 100%.

Mainlube 240

Industrial Oil and Grease Additive. Therefore designed to improve operating efficiency of lubricants and equipment. Also Mainlube 240 can be used in all forms of gear boxes, transfer transmissions, vee-drives and hydraulic systems most. Application Ratio: 100 mls/litre down to 50 mls/Litre..