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The Best German Engineering

BOGE Industrial Air Compressors represent the best of German engineering…and ILS are proud to represent BOGE in Ireland. BOGE manufactures a comprehensive range of industrial air compressors including oil lubricated and oil free screw compressors 1 to 480 HP which are used by all sectors of industry for a wide range of manufacturing processes. Complimentary BOGE ranges include filters and dryers to condensate management equipment. ILS provides a 24/7 service support throughout Ireland and a network of dedicated distributor centres that provides a cost effective., comprehensive and expedient solution for your needs. A key part of this service is a BOGE proven track record of creating sustainable energy consumption reductions.

BOGE Energy Efficiency

More than 100,000 users from trade and industry expect more when it comes to the supply of compressed air. BOGE air is the air to work.

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Ils engineering ltd provide full turnkey solutions for your compressed air system this starts with an extensive and in-depth analysis of your current running conditions through data logging and energy analysis.


    Top 6 considerations when choosing a vacuum or a blower:

    • Correct sizing for current & future demands
    • Return on investment
    • Energy Efficiencies
    • After Market Support
    • Cost of Ownership
    • Reliablilty
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    Screw Compressors

    Screw compressors custom made by BOGE have for decades been synonymous with efficient and reliable compressed air supply to trade workshops through to industrial companies. The BOGE C series is a trendsetter in its class: less noise, less pipework, less connections in contrast to more output, more individual configuration possibilities and more efficiency and requiring a minimum of space only. We have listened closely to the wishes of our customers – with the C series we provide the air to work.

    Modular design, compact system: Because of the modular design BOGE screw compressors allow for individual configuration of your compressed air system. Each compact module is pre-assembled and ready for use: for efficient and reliable operation in all types of applications.

    Compact & highly efficient. The monoblock compact design of the airend range up to 7.5 kW offers distinct advantages. The integrated design minimises the number of oil pipes by clever internal routing – for a highly efficient and reliable compressor. At the same time the airend requires less space providing the user with a compact, space saving and energy efficient solution from BOGE.



    The ideal operating mode: In conjunction with the frequency controlled drive the directly coupled screw compressors of this series provide an extremely flexible system which spontaneously adapts to any changes in the customer‘s compressed air or pressure demands. In the event of a change of the pressure value, the output quantity is synchronised automatically. A 13 bar machine is thus transformed into an 8 bar machine yielding a correspondingly higher output – without any expensive remodelling or design related modifications.


    One of the best has been improved upon: The S series has set standards in efficient and reliable compressed air production. Now, BOGE has made one of the best screw compressor ranges on the market even better. While retaining the proven design philosophy, the efficiency, smooth running properties and the sound pressure levels have been significantly optimised. You can look forward to the best S series of all time!


    Operating within the specific optimal range: In combination with the direct drive and frequency control, the SLF machines provide an extremely flexible system that adapts spontaneously to changes in the compressed air demand. If the pressure value changes, the air delivery is also synchronised automatically! This means that the machine supplies only the precise amount of compressed air that is actually needed at the time.