La Parmentiere Refiner Polisher 570RD

Serial Number: 12

  • La Parmentiere Refiner Polisher
    La Parmentiere Refiner Polisher

La Parmentiere Refiner Polisher 570RD

The refiner machines are intended mainly for removing fat from the outside surface of beef paunches, calf and sheep paunches, pork bellies, rennets, and also the bibles of bovines, and for refining all these, for human consumption.

The processing is done after the inside surface has been washed, scaled and bleached, – three phases of the work done beforehand in the LA PARMENTIERE “PAUNCH CLEANING” machines.

The refiner machines also have other uses, as follows:
•For cleaning bellies, snouts, ears, pig tails.
•For scraping calves, ruffles, poultry gizzards;
•For eliminating the skin surrounding the tongues of pigs and beef (particularly with tongues treated immediately after slaughter.

·The Refiner machines make it possible to carry out the three big phases of the final processing of paunches and bibles in a single operation and in a very short lapse of time, – phases that normally are carried out in succession, as follows:

-Stiffening of the items processed,

-Removing the fat,

-Refining, that is: the complete finish operation on the products. Once this single operation has been carried out, the paunches come out of the machine ready for preparation.

•The specific design of the removing plate, covered with an abrasive, and of the dome, with no abrasive but equipped with especially designed bumps offer a three-fold advantage:

-The products are mixed very efficiently, but without brutality. This shortens processing time, -to around 4 to 5 minutes. Weight loss is very appreciably reduced. This is a result of the short time the products processed remain in the machine.

Serial number10-046-21
Year of construction

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