La Parmentiere 760P

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  • La Parmentiere 760P
    La Parmentiere 760P

La Parmentiere 760P

The scalding – and hair – removing machines type 650P, 760P, 770P, 870P and 970P are for scalding and removal of hair from calf, cattle and sheep feet and heads, and for the cleaning and removal of hair from whole piglets.
The small model 650P suits the processing of calf, cattle and sheep feet as well as sheep heads and calf heads with a weight of not more than approx.  8 kgs.

The hair-removing machines enable in only one single operation the entire processing of calf feet and whole piglet while the remaining items would undergo an additional finishing treatment.

In order to obtain maximum yield and the highest possible quality of the end-products when producing sheep and cattle feet and calf-heads it is recommended to operate in accordance with the below table, e.g:

-1. When processing sheep feet, and after hair-removal in the hair removing machine the feet should be processed in a refiner for perfect finishing.
-2. Cattle feet should, after the hair-removal in the scalder be placed on a table and singed by means of a butane-gaz blow Torch.To obtain a perfect white finish it is recommended to return the feet for a short while (1 to 1 ½ minutes) to the hair-remover for washing.
-3. For calf heads perform the finishing with a flexible shaft spiral-Knife.

Serial number760P52
Year of construction2009

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