Looking to Reduce Maintenance and Energy costs?
We can assist through providing professional smart solutions.

Condition Monitoring

ILS Engineering brings to the market Condition Monitoring practices that are individually renowned, however used collectively in the right applications allow paramount insights to data that informs engineers and equips them to make smarter decisions and better solutions.


Mainlube Specialised Lubricant

A higher quality lubricant in the correct application always reduces downtime. It is more cost effective to use wear particle analysis to determine the present condition of important machinery, rather than waiting for a breakdown.



Coratex is a purging emulsion for the plastics industry -
it will save time, material, energy and process costs.


Nitrogen Generation

We know that downtime equates revenue loss. Every generator is hand built and performance tested to fit into new or existing working environments.


What our customers say?

"Rather than read what we want you to see, why not call our clients directly and talk about what you want to know. We have many success stories with our valued clients from a wide and diverse range of industries such as Food, Pharma, Plastics and Packaging to General Manufacturing, that we constantly work with to reduce maintenance cost, increase energy efficiencies and ultimately improve their bottom line, through our quality product range and services. They will be only too happy to talk with you, feel free to contact us and we can organise the call."